General Finishes Gel Stains and Clear Top Coatings

Is an easy to use, high end quality finish. They have a sweet odor unlike the typical stains and urethanes. Their gel stains can be used two ways. After prepping your project (kitchen cabinets, furniture, mantels, woodwork, etc.) correctly, you can either brush it on and wipe off for a lighter finish and for the natural grains to show through. Or paint it on ( at least two coats) for a solid dark color. General Finishes Arm-R-Seal really holds a hard protective clear coat that will last for years.  Please make sure if you us an oil base stain you order a clear coat in oil base .  General finishes also has a gel clear top coat, comes in satin finish only. This enables you do projects without any drips. The flat on flat clear finish is a water base finish and shows no sheen.   The water base stains are in liquid form, rag on or brush on and rag off. I have one product that is a glaze for after painting your cabinets you can use to antique them or for raised plaster on walls or any woodwork. If you have questions about these finishes you can email me at I will be happy to answer your questions  on this product. If you are doing your kitchen cabinets and you a step by step guide, or the staining package. It will guide you on the proper step by step procedures for 3 different finishes on stripping, staining, and clear coats. 


Old Masters

I found Old Masters to be an equal product to General finishes. Their wiping stain are in liquid form.    The  beauty of any Gels stains is that you can mix them together in your own formulas to match colors that you cannot find or just to make your own colors. The use of the all the products are the same as written above for General Finishes.  You can even mix both brands together as long as oil is mixed with oil and water is with water With proper preparations you can refinish your kitchen cabinets and they will look like you had them done by hiring a professional. 



Old Masters Gels Stains

Old Masters Clear Sealing Clear Coats