Jay Barnhart - Home Restoration Expert

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing as a Business and a DIY

Have you ever thought of doing Kitchen Cabinet business with refinishing instead of replacing them?  Even if you are a DIY? Would you like to learn how to professionally refinish kitchen cabinets? Hi! My name is Jay Barnhart, and I have worked in homes for 35 years as a small business.  Along the way, I discovered that Kitchen Cabinets were neglected. Another discovery is that people thought and still think they have to replace them. Kitchen cabinet refinishing as a business can be very profitable.  Today’s woods are nothing like the woods of 30 years to 100 years ago. It was all real wood back then, solid wood and THAT is what you want to keep. I can teach you how to professionally refinish kitchen cabinets.

How It came about to owning my own kitchen cabinet restoration business as a DIY

Here is my story.   A friend and I (both single moms) bought a two-family house in the city. We each took an apartment.   With really no money I decided I was going to make my place feel like home. Mainly restoring what I could with everything that already existed. I hated the walls, all that cheap 70’s paneling. So I began ripping off the paneling, only to find horsehair slats and cracked plaster.  Then I thought, well if I mess it up, it’s mine I own it.  I began learning tips and tricks by playing with it, by talking to others.  Every once in a while i would come across someone who would show me how to so one thing or another. So now I am passing along with video packages that will guide you on how to choose good materials, to repair, prep, and restore and start your very own restoration business.

 Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing as a DIY

While I worked on my home, friends would come over and sit and watch and talk. They were seeing my work and began to tell others. Soon I was getting calls to do work in other people’s homes.  And so I began to paint and restore for other people. Lots of wood restoration and kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets began to pop up here and there.  What I did learn is that I could do it all by myself.   I was making better money with doing this type of work, so I quit my job. I thought  I trust myself more than anyone and  I was only making minimum wage.  What do I have to lose?

A New FOUND Career

As my new-found career went on, I decided I would sell my half of the house to my partner and move to a better area. Upon arriving Cape Cod Massachusetts I purchased a business license. The services offered were prepping walls for painting, restoring the woodwork.  Better yet I offered painting and refinishing furniture, Painting and Staining Kitchen Cabinets.  I had only business cards made up and left them where I could.  But Faux Finishes came later in my career as I continued to come across people who taught me how to do things I wanted to know. It was all hands-on learning.

Learning as you go

Then I met a man who hired me off and on whenever he needed me.  His name was Bill Ricci. He took me under his wing and showed all kinds of tips and tricks. He taught me quality work, and how to be organized.  I had become a true craftsman.  I ended up working on seaside cottages, to average homes, to million-dollar homes.  All the while finding that people wanted their kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets painted or restored to its natural condition or staining the cabinets a different color.

A Whole New Career

When I moved to Alaska, I continued my business part-time.  I did one job and took the next one when I wanted to. First out of my home and then I rented a studio. Which made it easier to work on the Kitchen cabinets. Now I had a place to bring the doors and set up like a little factory. The cabinet casings on the walls remained in place. I began to advertise for just kitchen cabinets. My business grew by 70% I found I needed a larger space and hire others to keep up with the demand.

Becoming a Master Restoring Kitchen Cabinets and Bathroom Cabinets

With all this knowledge and experience I  had become a master, a pro.  I take kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets and make them look like they just came out of the factory. Oh, how my clients loved the results. I saved them thousands of dollars while making a nice income for myself.  Now I want to teach others to do this so they can easily start their own businesses or even just do it themselves. I had professional videographers film jobs and had Videos made.  All the tricks and tips are on the “How to Videos for Kitchen cabinets”, on the Painting videos, Staining videos, Faux Finish Videos, and the Entire Business Package Video.

The  Business Video Package

The Business package is video is the best value if you are going to start your own business of Kitchen Cabinet Restoration. It includes all finishes, paperwork, how to estimate, how to set up, how to make your own door racks, etc. These videos are step by step, easy to follow, and split up so you never have to finish where you left off.  The painting video you will follow me from the beginning till the final door is put back up. The staining video you will learn how to strip and stain and finish with a clear coat. The faux finishes are high-end finishes, where you may charge more for your services. Nice extra touches for Kitchen cabinets and Bathroom cabinets or even furniture.

The Painting Video

You will love the Painting video if you are doing it by yourself for the first time.  For instance, if you are nervous to do it, this painting video will give you the confidence you need. So easy to follow, you can take your time and find where you left off easily. Every single step in on there.  From where to get your paint, to what brush to buy, and how to maneuver it. This video is for purchase by itself but is included in the business package.

The Staining Video

You will find in this staining video, all the prep work that is necessary to do before staining. You will also see which clear coats to use and how to apply the finish. The outcome is so beautiful, you will be so proud when you are finished. Purchasing this video as a do it yourself will show you every step of the way. This video is also included as part of the Business package.

The Faux Finish Video/coming in the future

A Faux Finish video made for the professional who wants to offer it to their clients. If you were to hire someone to do it It would cost you an extra $1200 over the price of what you are having done to your Kitchen Cabinets.  But you can purchase this even if you are not doing it professionally. A bonus of this Faux Finish video is you will also be able to apply it to walls and furniture.  This video is also included in the business package.

I take so much pride in my career and I know this is needed throughout the country.   It keeps the good wood from going  into the landfills. It’s been saved and made beautiful to last for another 30 years or more. To have this put on videos, to be able to teach it to anyone who would like to learn, to do it for yourself, or better yet as a business or even just to learn to do it as an earned income for someone else. I have to say it is my pleasure to offer these valuable lessons to you that will last you a lifetime in whichever way you want to use them.