Jay Barnhart - Home Restoration Expert

Doing Kitchen Restorations for 30 plus years

My skills were learned in the Boston and the Cape Cod Massachusetts area. First by restoring my 1940’s home. In 1981, I purchased a two family home with a friend. We were both single moms at the time. We received a government grant to have work done on our home. You see, we lived in the city in what they called a target area. By getting this grant we also had to do some of the work ourselves. By doing this I discovered I had a talent. So after the grant was done, I continued on to finish up my place in my spare time.  

By 1983 I sold my half and moved to Cape Cod.  Upon arriving in Cape Cod I began my business, by offering my services for painting furniture, walls and any kind of woodwork. I met a man who hired me off and on to do work for and with him.   He taught  me so many other things pertaining to home building and restoration.   His name was Bill Ricci.  He took me under his wing and showed me tricks of the trade and true craftsmanship. Through the years of my career, I had worked in cottages, seaside homes, Victorians, from average to million dollars homes.  

When I moved to Alaska in 1994,  I continued my business as a part-time job. I did whole houses and anything they wanted.  First out of my home and then a subleased a space to only discover that there was a need for kitchen cabinet refinishing. So I concentrated more on that part of the home than any other. This is when my business really grew. People got so excited that they could design a new kitchen by not spending a fortune and not having to rip everything out.

When I opened up my own studio space, my business grew by 70% and I found that not only did I need a larger space but also to hire others to keep up with the demand. Now that I am almost retired from the physical work I want others to learn this skill. By doing this, not only can homeowners save money by doing their own, but also can learn for employment and/or to start their own business.

So I had videos made of some of the jobs that I did. These are step by step videos to make it easier for you. I am grateful for my career and now want to share my knowledge with others so they too can benefit.