Gallery Refinish Page

Here we have several kitchen cabinets that are finished. Painted, stained, clear coated, stone and marble finishes.  Antique them, do a raised plaster.  Because it does not matter what kind of wood you have or how old they are. Besides if they are in pretty good shape, you can make them look brand new.    Therefore you must follow the step by step instructions and do not skip any steps.  This will ensure your success and your kitchen cabinets will last a long time. You can make your kitchen look like any of these. These paint and stain videos were made with you in mind, even if you are not a painter.  If needed you can call a carpenter for repairs or to alter, add, or change out drawer mechanisms for easy closure.

Painting Kitchen Cabinet Refinishes

Paint your cabinets to give a totally brand new look. Do any color or mix it up by painting your island a different color than your cabinets. So paint the bottom halves one color and the top portion of your kitchen cabinets a different color.  Make it different, like, change the knobs and handles.  So now, you are the designer of your own kitchen or bathroom cabinets. In the painting video, we actually worked on a clients’ kitchen so we could show you every single step from beginning to end. Every step we show you is necessary for your kitchen to come out beautiful because you certainly want the finish to last.

Stripping, Staining, Urethane/Clear Coating Refinishes

Step by step, and detailed instructions on stripping, staining and clear coating.   While important safety measures are spoken about.  First of all you can make your kitchen look like the original cabinets when they were first installed.   By refinishing your own cabinets, you make them come alive. Or stain them a different color by using the stripping process first. Then by using a liquid or a gel stain. So a Rag on stain will show the grain or use a gel stain to make them a solid modern color. If you purchase the paint and staining videos, you will have enough of a skill to seek employment or above all start your own business.

Faux Refinishes/Offering This in the Future

Here we have 3 different faux finishes, a Stone/Marble technique, an Antiquing/Stressed look, and a Raised Plaster technique.  So this video shows you the using of water-based paints inexpensively on the stone marbling affect.  This technique is very easy to learn, and the outcome is amazing. Hence the Antiquing/Stressed look is also easy, and you choose to put as little or as much as you want. For the reason you want  to create the affect you are looking for.   The Raised plaster is a unique way to decorate your cabinets in an expressive art form. Put them anywhere you want.  What is the beauty of learning all these faux finishes?  You also can use these techniques on walls, and furniture. Not only adding conversation pieces but adding to your income if done professionally.