Kitchen Cabinet Painting & Refinishing

A unique and inexpensive way to update your kitchen cabinets.

Hi, I am Jay Barnhart and I am here to “show you step by step how you can update, design and restore your kitchen cabinets.

Restoration is the best way

I’ll begin by telling you it’s so very fitting for your budget because restoration is the least expensive way you can make your kitchen brand new!  It will look like you gutted it all and then began all over again without actually doing it!


Ideas, step by step, easy to follow Painting video and  staining videos were professionally made and are being offered to you.   Best of all “The Business Package Video”, and this in includes both videos offered so you can learn the finishes and begin your business. Coming in the future will be a video with 3 extra finishes that bring in more money for professionals.  The Faux finishes of stone, raised plaster and antiquing. DIY can learn too.



Video Lessons

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Business Video Package


Start your own business with this video package. Both video tutorial packages are FREE with my “Build a Business” to fit your lifestyle. Includes exclusive pro tips for starting and running your business plus a 3D Virtual Tour of my studio. Downloadable support PDFs to help you run your business.

Faux finishes - A special video coming in the future with 3 new finishes


Create a stone/marbleizing,  antique, or raised plaster finish. These are high-end finishes that will give you a unique finish. If doing professionally will bring you top dollar.

Strip and Staining - 2 Finishes


Restore your original cabinets by stripping and staining them. The techniques you will learn will make it easier to do your own. Stay original and give new life or go dark and create a rich modern look.


Painting - 1 Finish


A step by step guide to painting your cabinets like a professional. Trade secrets that will make it easier to follow and make your cabinets beautiful. By painting, you are creating a whole new atmosphere in your kitchen through color.

 Wood Restoration & Painting Kitchen Cabinets


Painting & Restoring with Right Products and Tools

After 35 years of restoring homes, I have learned what to do and what not to do. Becoming an expert of what is needed to do a project and have it go smoothly is of great value.   How and where to use “better” products is also important.   Why? Because your hard work you just did will last for years. This is why you should know them too. That is why I had professional step by step videos made,  to show you how to restore what you already have. These videos are in sections so you never have to find where you left off. These “easy to follow” videos are more informational than what you will find on the internet.  Years of experience of how not to mess up your project. Lets face it, it’s a big project to take on.

Build your own Kitchen Cabinet Business

Maybe you might want to learn a new skill to seek employment. Or better yet, plan to build your own business refinishing kitchen cabinets.  Because it is a much-needed profession all over the country. People don’t want to buy cheap cabinets from China. You most likely have solid wood right in front of you.   My job has been my passion and it is time for me to pass on what I have learned. I have met the best people through this journey.  It’s been an amazing 35 years. This is the way I can teach, to save others money, show you how to make money by learning a new skill and showing you a fool proof way to make a great living.




Following Jay was a breeze, she was so excited when telling me about how to use colored stain on my cabinets and had amazing insight and details. I have experience with refinishing but without studying up on it or having major experience, I would have never obtained the tips and tricks that she had in her back pocket! Her years of experience shows in her passion and in her work and the outcome of my projects.

– Katrina Trautman

I have used the techniques that she has taught me for my wood projects. Her step by step was easy to follow and by following her gave me the confidence I needed. Projects that we did together were of higher quality than the normal paint jobs.

– Dede Gracey

I started working for Jay as a young neighborhood kid looking for extra summer spending money. From Day 1, there was a standard of excellence that was swiftly established and nothing less would do. Between her attention to detail, and step by step processes, I’ve been able to better organize my own jobs, prioritizing and properly creating best work practices that have helped me in every other field I’ve been a part of in my adult life. One can be assured that learning under Jay means a few of the following words: Prompt Dedicated Efficiency without detriment to Quality PASSION: you can see the love that’s been put into the work and the end result speaks highly for itself.

– Saberlin Armitstead

Jay Barnhart trained me beginning with the basics. I learned the tedious processes that Jay developed with prepping and painting not realizing all the detailed work and timely thinking that all went into the restoration of woodwork. Jay was a phenomenal mentor. but the main thing that insured my success was to make sure that I learned the upmost quality to every handmade technique implemented to each clients home ensuring the most quality work for our client. This all helped build my appreciation that Jay has for the art.. The end result was witnessing clients faces as their kitchen transformed into their new kitchen they designed themselves.

– Alexander Mora

One on One Consultation

You can now hire Jay Barnhart right from here no matter where you live.  If you need help with color, style and product selection for your project. The consultation can be either by phone/and sent photos or by Facetime. Having a Consultation can save thousands of dollars on your project.  You may choose a half hour or a one-hour consultation. Remember to have your color swatches, samples of whatever you will be changing in any particular room.

Choose Consultation Length

Want More Information?

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10% of proceeds to go to Habitat for Humanity

Help build strength and stability. At Habitat for Humanity, we build. We build because we believe that everyone, everywhere should have a healthy, affordable place to call home. When a family helps build or improve a place they can call home, they are also building a better community, a better life for themselves.