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Safety On The Job And At Home

Safety is so important. Whether you are a contractor or a Do it Your Selfer, safety is so important.  Accidents not only happen on the job but frequently at home, if not, more at home.  You have to think before you start a project.  It may save you from getting hurt or disabled or even death.  Look around you. What would be a hazard if you were to just start doing. Well, let’s see, furniture, would any be in your way? Move it, if you have to lean from a stool or ladder you need to move it.

The Ladder Safety First

Never lean off the ladder to reach, just get down and move it. Never step in the top rung or step. It even says so on the ladder. There is a reason for that.  One moment could cost you your life or an injury for the rest of your life. You are important, right?  Then treat yourself that way, take that extra five minutes to make sure you are safe. Safety

The Clothes You Wear

Yes, even the kind of clothes you wear.  Anything that can get tangled in a piece of machinery such as a loose shirt, sleeves unbuttoned and hanging, to wearing the wrong shoes. Tight-fitting clothes keep you safer.  If you are doing heavy-duty work, the shoes should match. Heavy duty-heavy duty shoes such as boots. If you can, shorten your shoelaces so if they untie, they are not hanging from your shoe causing you trip or someone to step on it and you go tumbling somewhere or even falling. Better safe than sorry.


Speaking of tripping, drop cloths.  They can be a tripping hazard if they are spread out in a large area. I suggest using heavy kinds of tarps or carpet shield is best when protecting flooring. Tarps for wood floors and vinyl and carpet shield, well for carpets. Also, loose rugs and runners, take them out of the room. But if you are working in just a small area then drop cloths are just fine.  But before you lay anything down look around, any children or animal toys or bones laying around. Pick them up! Keep safe!

Protecting Yourself From Dust, Irritants, and Chemicals

Use the right kind of masks, masks for dust, inhaling those particles for a length of time can cause injury to your lungs. with any kind of lengthy sanding, you can prevent this type of harm. Sanding drywall is another irritant that the right fitting mask keeps your lungs safe.  Opening a window for air when you are using chemicals and wear the right kind of equipment. PLEASE READ THE LABEL if you have never used this type of product before.  Safety Goggles when needed to protect your eyes from splashing upward with a chemical or when using a saw. When using a saw, always respect it and fear it enough that you know what you can lose if you are careless and get way too comfortable with it.

The Most Precious Of All, Children

Last but not least Children.   They find so many things to get into that you would not even think of. One is buckets of water, sharp tools, chemicals.   If they are under your supervision, place items out of reach when you are not using them.  Best to have someone watch them when doing projects. That goes for animals too. Putting them outside or in another room would be best.

Summary on Safety

Being careful is time-consuming, but you and your loved ones are so worth it.  Safety is the most important before you begin ANY project.








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