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Get ready for a New Year!  Here we are 2021!  I think all of us are pretty happy about that.  Christmas is over and News year day too and it’s time to organize and for getting rid of things. We shall get right to it!   Let’s being with the Christmas stuff. Lots of stuff.  Why do this?  Purging will help you in more ways than one. Your mind will clearer, your home will be cleaner and you will make some money. How? Getting rid of it!  Boxes… save the medium size to larger ones for purging and yard sale items.


Presents you received, go through all. Put away the ones you love and will use.  Look at the ones that you don’t want, don’t love, and can’t use.  Exchange, donate, or keep to re-gift to someone who would like it.  Make sure they are not connected to the person who gave it to you. If you don’t want to do that, plan to donate. Now All the decorations. Do you have bins?  Are they color-coded?  Best way to find any kind of storage containers while being stored underneath in a crawlspace, an attic, basement, garage or shed is use colored bins. Red and/ or green for Christmas, one can be used for just Christmas bulbs and ribbons and the other color for lights and garland and little décor items such as snowman Santas etc.  Making so easy when you need to get them. It saves you frustration and time!


Christmas all put away?  NEXT!  Clothes in your closet and drawers for every new piece of clothing you got put one in a box to get rid of. Every time you buy a new piece of clothing get rid of one. Keeps your closets in control. If you heard of that hanger trick, it works.  You take all your clothes and turn the hanger around, by the following Christmas if you  that piece is not back to the normal meaning hanger is still backwards, time to be getting rid of it. Organize!


UGH!  I hate paperwork. But getting ahead for taxes is actually really awesome. Pull your files go through every single piece of paper and put back ONLY an empty file. Not ready to go through them, put them in a box next to your desk for when you do have the time. Sort, get rid of and do it when you have a half hour here and there.

Organize contents of your Computer

Go through photos, delete the ones you don’t want, and put the rest of an external hard drive or a flash drive. Go through your files delete the ones you don’t want, then clean your computer by optimization. Emails Eye eye!  SO many put them in the sender order and you won’t have to go through every single one. Delete, delete, delete. Too many subscribes… unsubscribe if you don’t even look at them. Less daily is best and help to keep your emails cleaned up. Get rid of! Organize!

Organize your Phone

Delete photos you don’t want. Great time to do this … while waiting, waiting for a bus, waiting for your food, waiting at the doctor’s.  Before you know it, they will be cleaned out, organize and

Same with Old books and magazines, get rid of and organize!  Trade books, donate, or get credit for books at a second-hand book store.  Magazines, keep piling up?  Toss or donate to office buildings where people have to wait. Put them in your yard sale. People love books and will buy them for a buck or two.  Magazines give them away. Let’s just say this was your January. Got a few donations?  Every time you have two or 3 boxes call your charity to pick up.

Home Needs it too!

Now continue on into February. Go through every nook and cranny in your home.  Every cabinet, every drawer,  Still got those boxes?  Use them!  donate full boxes, keep yard sale boxes.  Every time you have two to 3, donate. Call your local charities to pick up.  It gets it out of the way.I know many things become personal and it was a gift after all from someone but it’s in the closet or drawer or in the garage hidden.  Every object you pick up say to yourself “if you don’t love it and you can’t use it get rid of it.

Now you have all this stuff in boxes to donate, you can call different charities to pick them up for you such as Big Brother And the rest do a yard sale or sell online.  We all could use a little pocket change, gas money, pay your electric bill, etc.

Each Month Organize!

March – go through all that paperwork from last year that you have boxed up and do your taxes.  After that go for the garage,  begin emptying one shelf at a time, and sort, donate, yard sale.

This was your major purge.  You have a yard sale and donate what’s left or do what I do, at the end of the yard sale. To the last people coming in. Tell them to take what they want at no charge… believe me it will be gone!  You won’t have to take it away!


If you take each month and take your time for getting rid of things, you will have cleaned out a majority, and you have made some money. Now the hard part is to keep the clutter down.  We do tend to buy more, so every year do a purge. Clean the clutter, clean your mind to go forward. Get rid of it!  Organize!

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