Give The Gift of a New Kitchen

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Wishing you a warm and safe Holiday. Give the gift of a new kitchen.
This months blog is very different from the others. I want to help people in some way. This is the way I know how to. By directing you to a place that can help you and someone you may know by giving the gift of a new kitchen

The Gift of Giving

Many have lost their jobs, many cannot find work to feed their families. First I ask to donate to your local Food banks if you can. The country is struggling in so many ways. And they need your help. You can go on line and find your local food bank and donate $ 20 or even $10 will help. Or drop off a few boxes or cans at your local food bank. And I thank you for doing that.

Another Way You Can Help.

There is a sister website that I share. On this website are videos to purchase. If you know anyone that wants to work, needs to work, likes to paint or wants to learn a new skill, these video are instructional and professionally made. It took almost 2 years to produce from beginning to end. The intention of these videos were to teach a skill so you can create your own career. They are super detailed so It is like I am there working with you cannot use this information, maybe you pass it on to people that you know.

Who Is Working During This Pandemic?

Contractors are still working out there even during this pandemic. You can learn very quickly that you can do this too. You don’t have to have a studio, there is no spraying.  Actually you can do this in your home or in a garage. AND you can do this by yourself . Yes, you are working in people’s homes, but you only need to work in one’s persons home once a month and still be able to support your family. This giving a gift of a new kitchen makes so many people happy. One, they do it themselves or two, they do it for other people and make a decent living. I did it for 35 years.

Merry Christmas

This would make a great Christmas present for someone who wants to create their own business. And it would also be a great present for your mom, or wife. Give them the gift of a new kitchen. Oh They would love a new kitchen.

Where You Can Find This Information

The website is right here on There is a gallery to show you what to with your old cabinets. Most of these cabinets are from the 70’s and 80’s. The wood is so much better than what is coming out of China these days. Delight someone with giving the gift of a new kitchen. Something that they can keep, use, and enjoy for years and years to come. They will never forget for giving them the gift of a new kitchen.

In Summary

I want to thank you all for subscribing to my blog, old members and new. To to make life better for you in a way that I can.Wishing you all the best of holidays, please stay safe.
Merry Christmas.
Jay Barnhart

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