Flooring Makes a Difference

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If you are changing your flooring there are some things you may want to consider.  Flooring makes a difference. What kind of flooring?  What are you covering over? Make a decision before you shop. Then do some homework.


Doing it yourself?  There are some things you want to do prior to replacing your flooring. The experts should know what to do before they lay your flooring down. The type of flooring you are putting down makes a difference in how you prepare for it.

Dips in the floor can be a problem. Level the floor  out with Quik Crete… that will keep the new one from lifting in uneven spots. You want it to stay right?

How Else does Flooring Make a Difference?

Tile.  Well, I found out on my own by installing tile in my kitchen area… when I do dishes… its always cold on my feet and legs. I have an unheated crawl space beneath the house and I never thought of that.   Now if I was in the southern states or at the beach, tile would be awesome. Keeps the home cool and easy to clean.   Don’t forget to seal the grout lines.

You can find all kinds of tile in size, and patterns, and texture.. consider the smooth tile in a bathroom very slippery when wet.  Buy extra boxes of tile because of cutting and keep an extra box in case one or two cracks, because something heavy might fall and hit it just right to do damage. Yes that is one of the down sides of having tile.  Left over extra boxes usually can be returned, make sure you ask and not get stuck with them.


Carpet is nice to have in bedrooms, color should be the same throughout the home if you are planning to sell. Carpeting a kitchen (I have seen it done) is really not a good thing, where food is dropped and liquids spill. If you have allergies, carpeting should really be thought out.  When we bought our home in Alaska we had off white throughout the house,  but it always seemed to wear darker in spots, so when we finally removed it,  underneath the carpeting, low and behold was ash everywhere from a volcano that had erupted in the early 90’s and that ash was everywhere in the air and has settled in people’s homes and found it’s way into the carpeting. Having pets,  leaving your shoes on when in the house,  carpet picks it up and stays in it no matter how much you vacuum.  Allergies can easily pop up.

Measuring for carpet you will always add extra for cuts and closets. There are no returns. Extra carpeting can be sewn on the edges for throw rugs. The extra also can be used on cat trees, and for dog beds or by an entrance to wipe your feet on. Just a little tip on how you can use that extra you purchased.

Wood and Wood  Laminate

How does wood laminate make a difference?  First by value. Wood always adds value to a home. It’s beautiful, easy to care for, and is timeless. If you have animals they can ruin them by urinating in the house. Make sure if that happens to clean it up right away. Any sitting liquid can turn into black spots which mean that will never come out. If the spot is white it means it has taken off the finish but did not ruin the flooring. Plants do the same if there is spillage of water onto the flooring. Also dogs can scratch the surface of wood with their nails. Something to think about.

Again buy extra boxes for cuts and keep a couple in case of damage. If you are doing a hallway it is advisable to lay pieces the short way because if you have damage you would not have to replace so much of it.  Here you see a hallway that has a washer . If washer leaks and damages the flooring,you won’t have to rip up so much of it.

To clean all you need is a steam cleaner for flooring. I advise not to use chemicals, or anything else on them that will ruin the finished look, such as streaking and any chemicals gradually takes the finish off.


Last but not least and the biggest bang for your buck. for any style, for easy cleaning and long-lasting. If you laying linoleum out consider putting it down on bare sub-flooring. If you are considering to lay it on top of old linoleum, you must be sure that you clean that flooring well or put a thin board of plywood on top of it, if you have only one layer of linoleum you should be good to go. If you have several you might want to be safe and remove the old.

You can still have that wooden look with linoleum and they look so great you can’t even tell the difference. With kids, and with Animals, this saves your flooring, and it’s good from a selling point too.  Style themed homes such as ’30s or brand new you have linoleum tiles that you grout!  Gorgeous, less expensive, less time to put in, and easy to clean.


What ever flooring you decide to put in your home take into consideration what type of home you have, what climate you are in if you have animals and children or allergies.  Do your homework so there are no errors made and make your job go smoothly. Another tip is to hire someone to install, have them measure what you need,  you order and purchase, and have them pick up to do the job. This can also save you quite a few dollars where there is always a mark up for materials if purchasing through the installer. Flooring makes a difference in every home.



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