The Warmth of Autumn and Preparing For Winter

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The Warmth of Autumn is Preparing for Winter

You can decorate and light candles but the warmth of Autumn is preparing for winter.  By stopping drafts, doing things around to save on your heating and electricity.  Yes the warmth of Autumn is preparing for winter.  We begin with the least expensive item.
Foam insulators for outside wall plugs.. yes!!! Drafts come through the plugs! Absolutely easy to install.
And you can use baby plug protectors along with the foam.


Windows and Doors                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Caulking around the window trim will eliminate drafts. But also Caulking around the trim outside as well .  Clean your windows and put plastic on them if you have old-style. Drapes help too . You will be happy that you did this but do it while its 50 degrees  or more outside. Preparing for winter  is not only warmth of Autumn but is a money saver.

Heating System
Change your filter in your heating system and vacuum out the vents where the heat comes out and the air intake too. Where heating systems are so different in each home you will have to look at what you have before you pick one up. There are so many that I cannot show you which one is for you.  If you have baseboard, vacuum the dust of the coils, it helps. Every little bit helps.
Close up under your house if you have windows  in your crawls space . Just tuck the insulation pieces in.
If you have Electric Heat and baseboard heat, the coils tend to accumulate dust.  These you want to vacuum off.
Water Heater
Your water heater should be wrapped if located  in a cool cellar/basement insulate the hot water pipes too.
Doors Sweepers really help cut the drafts out.
I have an arctic entrance way. It’s built on pillars. But We have earthquakes and my door has shifted a little bit. Just enough for a draft to come through on the sides of where it opens. I have one up the side and one below by the floor. No draft.

Preparing for winter but also for the rest of the year and for years to come.  The Electric the light bulb CFL’s they use more than 50% less energy than the old cheap light bulbs. These will be cheaper to run will save on your electric bill if you pay just a few more dollars for them to last longer and save on your electric ..well worth the buy, it saves you money in the long run.

If you have coils behind your refrigerator, vacuum them, you will save there too! Especially the older ones.  These suck up your electricity.
Fireplaces and Wood Stoves Give Off the Warmth of Autumn
The coziness of the warmth of Autumn sitting in front of the fireplace sipping on hot cider. STOP……Fireplaces, please have them checked and cleaned out for safety.
AH!  Sit by the woodstove put a nice pan of water with orange peels and cinnamon in there and give that warm aroma naturally without chemicals. Makes sure you clean all the ash out if it has accumilated,  but not while they are still hot.

By doing these simple things to prepare for winter you will get all the warmth of a smaller gas and electric bill.  If you cannot afford these items, some areas have programs to help you get your house up to par to save energy, look into it. Make a phone a call to city hall or look on line to see if there are any programs in your area. Usually they are free.

Happy Fall, Happy Winter!

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