Changing Up Decor With Lighting

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Changing Up Decor With Lighting

How is it possible to get away with not having to spend a ton of money to create a different atmosphere?   Changing up decor with lighting.  Yes, it will change the looks and the atmosphere in no time.

Finding the Right Lighting

What are you trying to create? A warm friendly country farm look? An elegant Victorian? Southwestern style? Modern? Make a statement decor that pops? If you plan on changing up decor with lighting,  you want to think it out before purchasing.

How much light do you need?

When changing up the decor with lighting, you must consider the wattage.  Is it over a dining room table?  Is it in a hallway? A bedroom perhaps?  Then, how many lightbulbs you should have and wattage is important. So keep that into consideration. If you want that soft look but also at times need quite a bit of lighting then you might want to think about having a dimmer Where you control the lighting for your needs.

Where to get lighting that is affordable?

You can begin with the Re-Store provided by Habitat for Humanity if you have one near you.  They are always receiving lighting from different periods in time. If you are looking for a certain era, you might be able to score there.

Local Purchasing of Lighting for Decor

Then, of course, your local Home Depot and Lowes, have great sets and you can also view what type of lighting you need with their sample bulbs that are lit up that show if you want natural lighting or soft lighting, etc. Local stores, some really have decent prices and the pick of the crop is waiting for you. Every type of style is at these stores and they also have books of lighting that you can order. They are most helpful with information that you give them, of style and type of lighting.  Some will even come to your house to advise you of what type of light you need. And may recommend local electricians to put them up for you if you do not know how. Best of all?  You are supporting your local businesses.

In summary

Changing Up Decor with Lighting is one huge way to save . You can do one room at a time or every room while you have the electrician on hand. Whichever way you prefer you still are saving and creating the atmosphere that you always wanted.

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