Let’s Talk Color! Choosing Color

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Let’s Talk Color!  Choosing Color . We can’t wait to put the color on!  Right?  So let’s talk color!  Choosing color can be hard. Believe me there are so many different ways for choosing color.  But let’s start with colors that you like!  We all have favorites. I am partial to blue but none of my walls are painted blue. Why is that?

Climate And Where You Live

Let’s talk color!  Choosing color was difficult because I live in Alaska and I had my living room in a really nice light blue with white trim. I am originally from the East Coast and I had lived on Cape Cod for a few years by the water. This is a great choice for by the Ocean! But guess what? As we sat watching television, when it was zero degrees out, it felt like an ice cube in there! When I finally realized it was the color that was making us feel like that because the temperature was always set on a good temperature of 72 to 74 degrees.

I had to resort to changing the color and very different color choice it was.   So I went to a mushroom color, like a taupe grey. It changed everything. It felt warm and cozy and everything in the room went with it.


Let’s talk color! Choosing color.  Are you a very serious person, are you one that expresses happy all the time, are you a plain kind of person, one that doesn’t like to stand out but kind of blend. Do you like bright?  How about Gawdy,  and bold! Or do you like everything to flow?  Are you now seeing where I am going with this? Color choice is so important to our personality.  We have warm colors, and drab colors and colors that blend. Colors that make you feel good or colors that bring out the artwork that you chose because you love them and they suited your personality.

Trends, Color Talking Even If It Is To Yourself.

I need to choose a color, let’s talk color.  Are you one that has to have change and you go with the trends? Must you have the color of the year?  Yes, paint stores, and brands do have colors for the year, and they tell you,  what’s in, what’s out. And so this year its teal blue, last year it was purple, etc. Then you have to have accents, pillows, and carpet, etc.

Themes in Color Choices

Choosing color can be a them.  I like Victorian, the pinks and stressed whites.  But I also like themes and I like The flow look too, where every room is the same color all off white with white trim or natural woods.   Southwestern, you think oranges and yellows right? Then we have kids themes, sports themes, North, South, Cultural such as European or Japanese, Princess themes, etc, etc. Every time a new theme came up did you automatically envision certain colors?   Ok… that what you want to do. Now that you have in mind what you like lets go to the paint store and look at color and collect the color swatches to take home. If you are changing anything else like carpet, or drapes, tile, or trim color, make sure you take all the samples home with you.

And The Color Choice Is?

Take your swatches and place them in the area they are really going to be. The tile, the carpet, place them on the floor and just leave them. Now, same with swatches. Tape them up.  every day as you move around your home, let your eyes go to these areas.  There will always be one that you catch yourself going back to.  This is your color choice.  Your personality,  area, your trend, your flow, your theme. It’s YOU!  Now if you are not staying and are painting for a cleanup, your best bet is a flow of one color, one that complements the carpet, the flooring, the trim and doors and windows.

What is color all about?

When you are choosing color, it is a reflection of you.  Let’s talk color!  You see, color is about you, it’s about fashion , it’s what makes you happy or content. Because it is all preference.  What ‘s in style?  YOU!  So when you think it’s really hard choosing a color, think back to this blog. It will help you to choose everything you like about color.  From Drab, to exciting. From complimentary to nice clean lines.  A home with personality. A home with style, and a home that is Your personality.  As you can see, choosing color is important, It,s what makes a home, something that makes you feel comfortable and makes you happy. And that is why it takes times to choose.

Summary                                                             Let’s talk color!  Choosing color and be difficult but if you break it down to different areas as you see above, that should make your choice a lot easier.



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