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Planning Your Project


Planning your project is the best way to begin one.  If  you wish it to go smoothly, planning is the key.


By organizing your project, you will find that it will save you money, time and gas.

Part of Planning is Measuring

Measure if you need to figure out square footage or lineal footage.   You will find, for some items that you will need to know how much to buy.  Such as tile or trim boards. Account for waste too, which means purchase a little extra. Most likely you can take unopened supplies and get a refund. You will be happy you planned your project this way.


A List is an Important tool

Make a list of what you need for tools and supplies.
Plan the stages for the project. What is be to done first?
Price check and compare in stores ( do it on line) you can save quite bit by doing this.
What is less in cost at what store, make your list of these items. For instance I save $60 on faucets when I compared at two store locations. Same exact faucet.

Take your list with you and go to the stores only once if you can help it . Saves time. Important to realize that when you are  having to stop in the middle of what you are doing to go and get something you need for the job is always quite interruptive. And besides you save on gas.


Set Up

Planning your project includes ‘Set up’ what you need for just that day. Having too much around become obstacles in your way.
Work your way by doing one task at time.
Whether it takes one day or one week. Just keep working away at it. Have everything you need available to you. Usually by going from one thing to another, adds to confusion and can becomes chaotic making your day quite frustrating.That’s when people give up and the job becomes pushed aside and incomplete.
If you have a partner that can work with you, it makes it much easier to do the work and saves time.

Just think, once it’s done, it’s done! Stand back and admire your work and enjoy for years to come.

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