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Handy Tools

If you own a home or we like to do projects, I have found certain handy tools to have around when you need them.  As a home owner, you know there is inside work and outside work and most likely there will always be work. To make life easier for you there are convenient tools that you can use to simplify, save time, not work so hard, and make fewer messes for yourself. I put together a list of handy tools to look at with an explanation of why I like these tools.

Save the list!

Sanders                                           Electric Sanders are my choice instead of a battery operated ones. But everyone has their own preference.  A Mouse sander , In particular, look for a Velcro pad for easy putting on and taking off of sandpaper. Finishing sanders for Larger areas.

Vacuum cleaners                              Shop vacs are the best! wet or dry vacuuming.

Electrical cords                            Different lengths for this reason. If you only need 15 feet why use a 25 or 50 footer? Make it longer?  plug them in together.

6 plug Power strip                                   If you only have one plug in an area you are working on and you need to plug in lights, a vacuum, and a sander. You will want to have this. Inexpensive and so useful.  Helps with the frustration of having to plug and unplug every time you need to switch tool! Even if you have battery-operated tools you may need to plug in fans and heaters. Surge protective ones are a good idea to have.

Caulking gun                                        You only need one tool instead of looking around for two other tools. Let me explain a caulking gun with all the bells and whistles has these features, a cutting tool for the tip, and a pull out the tiny metal rod that will poke the hole to release the caulking. Not looking around for utility knife Nor a nail to poke through the seal to open it.

Screwguns/drill                                 TIME SAVER!   The best deal is a duo set.

Ladders                                           Werner brand, the inexpensive one that gives you the freedom to move around in the areas you need them too.  Fits like a glove.. great for stairwell areas!!! Goes higher up, pretty much fits in most vehicles if you need to transport it and stores really well. Easy to use.

Handy Tools Not a Must But Nice to Have

Fans  They are super useful in airing a paint job or after you joint compound a wall.. it quickens the drying time.

Heaters  If you are working in a garage. You really don’t want to do a finish in there if the installed heater has to blow out to heat. Just remember these heaters are dusty and they will continue to blow dust on your finish as it is drying and collects those tiny dust particles making it a bad finish. One or two small safety heaters are a nice addition.                                                                                          Convenient tools

the thing about hand tools is that it makes your work so much easier.  As time goes on purchase one here and one there. Eventually you will be set up for  all  your projects.



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