What Your Toolbox Should Have Blog #2

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Starting off with buying tools for your toolbox, there are several ways you can do it. There are items that your toolbox should have and you can find them at Yard sales, online marketplace, or at your local hardware stores.  It can be expensive if you buy all at once, which can end up being costly. What your tool box should have  you can buy one or two once a week will fit your budget better.

Having the most expensive toolbox is not necessary, you can use what you have, a small bin or a fishing box. When purchasing they have some tool boxes  that will fit your price.

Toolbox Items Recommended

Hammer A 1 lb. is great for around the house.  A curved end is for removing nails.. a straight claw is for roofing.

Screws and nails  Why?  Because having them near you is so much better than hunting for one when you actually need one.

Tape Measure a 25ft one is a good one for your toolbox. A 12ft is best for taking to a store for measuring furniture and small items.

Screwdrivers   A small assortment of them for different size screws, flat tips, and cross tips.

Pliers An assortment of pliers, such as needle-nose and cutters

Torpedo Level.  Best little too! For plumbing and leveling shelving, handles for drawers, adjusting cabinet doors, etc. you find the need for this handy little tool.

Utility knife and blades a must, use to cut tips of caulking, scoring tape off of walls, cutting plastic drop cloths, etc. don’t be without one!

MINI Flat Bar Another great little tool for removing nails from trim and lifting trim as you remove with intentions to keep.

Regular Flat Bar lifting doors and holding as you hang them and for many other objects that you need to lift without a struggle.

Ratchet Screwdriver… love. I cannot live without one!

Nail set

Paint Can Opener

Once you have these you can add whatever you want but I found these to be needed in most projects.

In conclusion the more tools you have the easier  your work becomes.  What your toolbox should have is also up to you and what work you are doing.

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