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The Importance of Prepping a Room Before you Paint

Well Now that you know how to fill holes, preparing the room prior to painting is next. Here are some tips for preparing the room, the whole room. What i learned from a wonderful old school mentor was “how you set up your day is how it is going to go”  do you want a nice smooth,uncomplicated day? Or one that you begin to have tourett’s syndrom. If you follow me I am pretty sure you will have a smooth day. Prepping a room before you paint is extremely important.

No interruptions

While you are preparing the room prior to painting, you want to be uninterrupted as much as you can. For example, let your phone take the messages and check them only once in a while. This eliminates taking gloves off and on and getting your phone full of the products you are about to use.  Need some pickup? Music helps A LOT. Your day will seem to fly by! And you will get a lot more done with upbeat music.  Want to feel artistic?  Slow some of that music down and just get into it.  Prefer TV?   Put it on. Prepping a room before you paint can be fun and will go fast if you do the pick ups.

Take Out The Little Things

So here you are staring at the room to paint…Where is your starting point?  Well, let’s start by removing all the “bump” into little things in the room. Like lamps and plants, anything you can bump into or trip on like throw rugs and small tables, etc.  Take them out of the room!  Equally important is to take the larger pieces and pull them away from the walls, the further the better.  You want to be able to go around the room with your ladder with ease….COVER everything!

By the same token, take down curtains, and rods. Remove all pictures and art off the walls.  Remove all light and plug plates. Let them soak in nice soapy water. It’s all part of prepping a room before you paint but OH, your room is going to be brand spanking new!

Tip: While Preparing the Room

if it becomes overwhelming to you… take a break or better yet just do everything in stages like what I am telling you today. Once you finish the prepping of the room. Call it a day. Everything will be ready for you to begin the next stage of preparing. Oh more prepping? Well, you might as learn now. Preparing the room in the most important part of the whole process of making a room beautiful. In conclusion, if you don’t do the prepping correctly once that paint goes on, it shows. So let’s add real value to your home by doing it right the first time.

Cover Everything!

Ok, Next.   So you don’t have drop cloths surely you have some old sheets? Double them up and put them over the furniture etc. it’s mainly for, as I call them, Spreckles that fall from the rolling the paint.  Plastic, that thin cheap stuff? It is great for this!

Flooring, Pay Attention

But the flooring is a different story.  You do need to have canvas drop cloths or the heavier plastic on it. Got boxes? Flatten them and tape them to the floor.  You don’t want to ruin your wood floors or the carpets. Cover them as you go might make it easier for you too.  I prefer the cardboard when I am doing the woodwork because I tend to trip on the drop cloths. When I do a room that is not carpeted, I put a drop cloth under my ladder so I  never have to lift it, I just push it and fix the cloth as I go along.

Setting  Up A Station is Part of the Prep

What now? Well set up station for your tools.  Have a small portable table? or one piece of furniture you can use as a surface?  For this reason, EVERYTHING is together and you are not looking for what you need as you go along…. Place them back when you are done. You always know where everything is.

It seems like a lot of trouble, well it is just a tad bit of work……………..but in the long run, it’s worth it.  Your job will actually go faster!  This saves a ton of time. No aggravation, nothing for you to get upset with, the job will go smoother than you think it will.

Taping Off

Not everyone is a fan of this.  But if you are not good at cutting in, then you need to tape off in order to get that smooth straight line or to keep paint off the woodwork. I am telling you all of this so you get a professional look.  Besides You get to beam and admire what you have accomplished after the room is complete. And with that kind of work, you just added $8,000 to $10,000 to the value of your home. The tape you should use. Blue tape (NO Masking tape) 2 inches is preferred. Why? You can extend it nicely as shown in the picture below.  The Spreckels hit the tape and not anything else! Put on baseboard and around trim and over your windows

Other Useful Items For Preparing a Room

Other things you can use is brown paper with your tape or the plastic that has the tape on already. If you cannot afford it I am still suggesting the blue tape. I highly recommend you don’t use masking tape.  Important to realize it may pull off some of your sheetrock when you are done with the painting. Now if you are really good at cutting in or know to wipe off speckles right away then you can get away with not having to tape anything except above the windows and doorways.

Done Preparing the Room

Now that the preparing of the room is done, go ahead and fill the nail holes that you won’t be using again.

In case you get tired from doing all this, I am going to say, your day is done.  So lets just set up for tomorrow.

Advice: if the room you are painting is a dark color, then you will need to prime the whole room.  Example: if your room is red, and you don’t prime, eventually it will bleed through and you will have somewhat of a pinkish color.  So DON’T skip this step.  If it is a light color, then just go over it with the paint.   And don’t forget If you fill bigger holes with joint compound you have to sand and prime those areas.

Set Up Is Part of Preparing the Room Prior to Painting

Tools you will need. Roller sleeves  (look at the texture or flat surface of your walls and determine what nap you will need and look at what the package says. Cigar rollers. LOVE THESE!  They reach the corners and there will be little brush application to do!

Get one of those extended Rollers handles..oh so worth it!!!  I am a short person and have been on stools and ladders all my life!  This eliminates the bending and the getting up on a ladder or stool so often.  But you will need the short one too.

Good Brushes!!    Kilz2 Primer    The paint of your choice . Don’t forget to ask for a couple of stirring sticks!   A paint can opener.

The paints that I love are:  Sherwin Williams, Val Spar is another.  I find these two brands to cover really well. Some people prefer BEHR paints.

Paint pans

Rags. Use old towels or buy the shop ones……. YOU NEED THESE!

Part 2 of the painting will be the next blog.  So you have a whole week to get your supplies and tear down that room! This is only the first part of preparing a room prior to painting.  In conclusion, you can see how important prepping a room before you paint can be!

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